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On 9th of September, 2017, I attended Rachnandyaguna, The Class Creation Contest. This event was held at Lapangan Bali. It was joined by 10th and 11th grade students of SMA 3. Each of class should make a murals that we made on a plywood. The murals was about the folklore or culture stories. My class, X Social choosed Cepot and Barong from West Java and Bali for the theme because Cepot is from Bandung, our home, and Barong is from Bali, one of the country that is rich with its coulture.

It started from 7 am. We gathered at the basketball court for Rachnandyaguna opening. After that, we made a sketch on the mural. While some of us were doing the sketch, my friends and I looked for the paints that we should take in every stalls. If we want to get the paints, we have to do a game. Each of stalls have their own games that guided by the committee of Fesbud. The first stall we visit is the stall for the yellow paint. The game is about arranging the words. Finally, we got the paint. After tha…

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