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Future Tense: Kahitna Concert

Kahitna is one of my favorite band. I love their songs so much. So, when I know they will hold a concert in Bandung, I am so happy. I think I will go there with my friend, Luvita because Kahitna is her favorite band too, she will be very happy. The next day, I ask her to go there together and she says she will join with me.
The concert will be held on Saturday. I will go to the concert by taxi with her. Evidently, her friend will join us too. It makes me so happy because it means that we will have fun there. I can’t wait to come to the concert, it’s been so long since I watched Kahitna live in concert.
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Edu Passion 2018

Special Region of Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta or simply called Yogyakarta is a region of Indonesia in the middle of Java. Although it is a separate administrative entity, Yogyakarta is historically and culturally part of Central Java. It is the only region in Indonesia that is still governed by a pre-colonial monarchy, the Sultan of Yogyakarta, who serves as the hereditary governor of the region. The current Sultan is Hamengkubuwono X.

The sultanate has existed in various forms through prehistory, and survived through  the rule of the Dutch and the 1942 invasion of the Dutch East Indies by the Japanese Empire. In August 1945, Indonesia's first presidet, Sukarno proclaimed the independence of the Indonesian Republic, and by September of that year, Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX and duke Sri Paku Alam VII had sent letters to Sukarno expressing their support for the newly-born nation of Indonesia, in which they acknowledged the Yogyakarta Sultanate as part of the Indonesian Republic. The Sunanate of Surakar…

My Idol, Dian Sastrowardoyo

Diandra Paramitha or Dian Sastrowardoyo born in Jakarta on March 16, 1982 from the couple Ariawan Rusdianto Setyorini Sastrowardoyo and goddess Parvati. Known as a talented actress full totality. Her hobbies are reading, watching and everything related to art.

She attended Junior High School at the SMP Vincentious Otista Jakarta and high school at the SMA Tarakanita 1. Dian furthered her studies at the University of Indonesia where she had studied in Faculty of Law for a brief period of time before moving to the Faculty of Literature, where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and eventually graduated in July 2007.

She did her post graduate degree at the School of Economics in the same institution, where she studied Finance Management as her major and got a Master of Management degree. She graduated cum laude in August 2014.

She began her career in 1996 as the cover girl of Gadis, a popular teen magazine in Indonesia. She starred as Daya in Pasir Berbisik, which was h…


Hi, guys! It's been a long since I made my last post. Today is my first day of 2nd semester after two weeks holiday.

I am going to share my holiday stories with you, guys. My holiday was spent a lot with my friends. On the first day of holiday, I went to school for PK (Perwakilan Kelas). After that, I and my friends went to the mall. We only did window shopping and hangout.

The next day, I visited my uncle's house because there were my cousins from Depok. I was really happy because I missed them a lot and we didn't meet each other for long because the last time I met them was when Eid Al-Fitr about 7 months ago. We talked much about school, friends, etc. On the evening, we were going to go to the nearest mall to watch our favourite movie, Jumanji. So we went there by car. When we arrived, evidently the movie's schedules were full so we didn't watch. We chose to have dinner at the restaurant and after that, I and my sister went home.

The first week of holiday, I wen…


Cody and his sister April decide they want a dog. They head down to the local pet store and have a look around.
It is a very small pet store that doesn't have many animals.

The owner of the shop is a nice old man named Mr. Smith. He walks over and greets Cody and April.

"How can I help you?" he asks. 

"We would like to buy a dog," April responds.

"Ah, well, we are not a big pet shop," Mr. Smith tells her. "So we only have two dogs to choose from."

They ask Mr. Smith to show them the dogs.

Mr. Smith leads them to the back of store where the two dogs are. One of them is a very big bulldog named Buster. The other is a very tiny chihuahua named Teacup.

April wants Teacup. Cody wants Buster. They walk outside to discuss.

They can’t agree on a dog. April suggests they race home for it. The winner of the race chooses the dog.

Cody agrees, then tells April her shoelace is untied. When April looks down, he runs off and gets a head start.

Cody runs as…


On 9th of September, 2017, I attended Rachnandyaguna, The Class Creation Contest. This event was held at Lapangan Bali. It was joined by 10th and 11th grade students of SMA 3. Each of class should make a murals that we made on a plywood. The murals was about the folklore or culture stories. My class, X Social choosed Cepot and Barong from West Java and Bali for the theme because Cepot is from Bandung, our home, and Barong is from Bali, one of the country that is rich with its coulture.

It started from 7 am. We gathered at the basketball court for Rachnandyaguna opening. After that, we made a sketch on the mural. While some of us were doing the sketch, my friends and I looked for the paints that we should take in every stalls. If we want to get the paints, we have to do a game. Each of stalls have their own games that guided by the committee of Fesbud. The first stall we visit is the stall for the yellow paint. The game is about arranging the words. Finally, we got the paint. After tha…